Welcome to Healing Oasis, LLC

Home of Unique Energy Therapies

Welcome To Healing Oasis 

Welcome to Healing Oasis, LLC, where Love and Light Heals

Powerful Spirit guided energy medicines, which produce many wondrous miracles,  are part of the experiences at Healing Oasis; such as:   The Abdominal Massage: Unlocking Your Second Brain For A Healthier Life,   Opening and Healing The Heart  Chakra Massage, Chakra and Aura Clearing 

and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.  

We invite you to visit Healing Oasis, to experience the  loving energy vibrations within our walls. You will immediately feel the at home atmosphere and a sense of relaxation as you enter the space.  It is our hope that all who enter here will feel the presence of love, joy, peace and harmony; and that you will find this a place of giving and receiving of all that is good.

Other services at Healing Oasis include:  Personal Aura Readings, Hands on Feet Massage with Reflexology, Ionic Detox Foot Bath and Far Infrared Sauna Therapy.

For additional details on  Detoxing and Body Work services please visit:  Hands on Feet Massage at www.handsonfeetmassage.com  or review our services menu