• Quick Digital Snap Shot  $19
  • In Depth Review,  Digital Photo,  $99
  • In Depth Review, Digital Photo and Healing Session  $150


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Understanding more about your personal energy field and chakra system can greatly benefit your life,  AND your health.  A healthy aura has a full range of rainbow colors, flowing lines without distortions shows the energy is balanced.  Clear vivid colors have positive energy; muddy dull colors reflect negative energy.  WHAT DOES YOUR AURA REFLECT?

An aura photography session ranges from 1 - 2 hours.  The bio-feed back system, allows the new technology to project your image along with your energy field onto the computer screen.  A qualified practitioner will review its details with you. You will  discover how things like aromas, crystals, and even our own emotions effects your field. You will also receive  an emailed digital photo, plus the book, Chakras For Beginners, A guide to balancing your Chakra Energies by  David Pond.        BOOK NOW