‚ÄčAURA Holiday Special

Runs Nov 20 through December 31st

$59.     REGULAR $99

This is a $40 savings !  Makes A Great Gift For Any One!


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Understanding more about your personal energy field and chakra system can greatly benefit your life,  AND your health.  A healthy aura has a full range of rainbow colors, flowing lines without distortions shows the energy is balanced.  Clear vivid colors have positive energy; muddy dull colors reflect negative energy.  WHAT DOES YOUR AURA REFLECT?

An aura photography session ranges from 1 - 1.5 hours.  The bio-feed back system, allows the advanced new technology to project your image along with your energy field onto the computer screen.  A qualified practitioner will review its details with you. We will  discover how things like aromas, crystals, and even our own emotions effects your field. You will also receive  a emailed digital photo and a computer printout.  BOOK NOW