At Healing Oasis, LLC

View Your AURA In Live Time,  With Bio-Tech Feedback System



What is the health condition of your AURA, and Chakra System.  Both your sub bodies (AURA) and chakra system can be effected negatively  by many factors like  stress,  traumas, emotions, drugs, chemicals, surgery, radiation and more.  Your systems can also be effected positively by walks in nature, trips to the beach, eating live vegetables, singing, meditating, chanting mantras like OM, aroma therapy, halo-therapy, massage therapy,  as well as energy work by a facilitator who is able to clear the field of energy baggage.  

We provide many services at Healing Oasis that detox on all levels; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

* A Healthy Auric Field will have a nice flow of all the colors of the Rainbow, in a egg shape around the body.

An​ Aura Photography session allows one to view their aura and chakra systems in life times,  as well as provides an in-depth evaluation  of your sub bodies and chakras.  You will also receive a digital photo to share with friends and family.  1 hr   $90

* Special package deal:  Aura Photography Session, plus 1/2 Energy Healing Session.   $125

Aura Photography Session performed by Beverly Lucas, Intuitive Energy Healer