Awaken Your Body's Energy System With

Chakra & Aura Clearing for Complete Health, Happiness, and Peace

by Beverly Lucas, LMT, CST, Intuitive Energy Healer


What Are Chakras?

Chakras are energy centers of the body.  A chakra is like Grand Central Station, a hub where the energies of mind, body, and spirit are intertwined. This energy is processed through the meridians for use in our daily life.  You might think of chakras as outlets of cosmic energy, allowing our energy bodies to plug into the universal power source.  Running down the midline of the body, there are seven chakras, located on the crown of the head, the forehead, the throat, the chest, the upper abdominal, the lower abdominal, and the genital area. When these seven chakras are functioning well, we are healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

When unhealthy, a chakra can be either under or over stimulated. The key is for all the chakras is balance. Daily clearing our chakras and auras is a must, just like taking a bath or brushing our teeth. Simple daily activities that make a big difference are things like: walking on the beach or in the woods, intentional deep breathing, meditation, burning sage or other essential oils in your field, live foods, listening to vibrational music such as drumming, crystals bowls, halo-therapy, massage therapy, energy work, etc. Set an appointment today for your personal clearing and energy healing. 

The part can never be well unless the whole is well.   - Plato

Reference Material on the chakra system is taken for "Healing Chakras" by Ilchi Lee

First Chakra

This chakra is the place where the body meets the EARTH.  It is the place where energy flows into the body. The first chakra must be fully functional in order to activate the other chakras. It acts as a pump that helps the stream of energy rise along the spine. If the first chakra is blocked or impeded, you will experience a lack of will, vigor, and passion. Without sufficient energy, the body cannot act as a solid anchor for consciousness, resulting in the lack of a sense of reality. This may result in the appearance of illness and oversensitivity to external circumstances.

Second Chakra

The second chakra is where the EARTH'S energy flowing in from the feet, combines with both the energy from heaven, coming in as you breathe and the energy of life that exists within all of us.  Here these energies merge and are transformed into a higher form of energy. The second chakra mounts a defense system around the body to protect it from toxins in food, nervous disorders, and contagious diseases. It cleanses the body of deeply rooted tension and stress that inhibit procreative activities. 

Third Chakra

The third chakra controls the body's metabolism and overall functioning. A healthy third chakra generates enthusiasm and passion. The third chakra is a fire element and controls ambition and appetite. You can easily tell the state of your third chakra by observing your appetite. When the chakra is weak you will have a decreased appetite for food. Excessive appetite is also indicative of a chakra that is unbalanced. The third chakra also connects with the neocortex. Accordingly, it is very sensitive to stress. Serotonin and Dopamine are produced in the organs controlled by this chakra. 

Fourth Chakra

The fourth chakra expands our energy and sends it out  in all directions in equal parts.

The fourth chakra relates to the human attributes of love, forgiveness, honesty, responsibility, and diligence. A healthy fourth chakra creates a balanced and harmonious energy of love. It facilitates the balance of logic and emotion, and the real with the ideal, helping you to develop the maturity to be objective and unconditional in your love of others.  

Fifth Chakra

The  fifth chakra is the bridge between the animal and the divine energies of the human being. Located in the throat just by the thyroid,  it is also the chakra that allows our expressive abilities.  If underdeveloped or blocked, a person may be shy and unable to  express themselves clearly.  If overly active, the person may be loud, overly opinionated, and brass in his or her speech. It is a center for purification and cleansing.  A healthy throat chakra represents an open heart and open mind. A person with an open mind goes through life embracing discomfort along with  comfort, the bad along with the good.....the vinegar with the wine. Such a person possesses the  wisdom to go along with the flow of life.

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Sixth Chakra

The role of the sixth chakra is to combine with energy from the lower five chakras and elevate it to a higher plane. The energy of the sixth chakra transcends time, integrating past, present and future into a single moment, the "eternal now".

Because of the insight it provides, we refer to it as "The Third Eye". One with an active and functional sixth chakra immediately sees into the heart of a problem offering help where it is needed the most. With a finger on the pulse of the future, the person will navigate wisely through the present. By contrast, someone with a weak sixth chakra lacks a flow of fresh, creative ideas and cannot easily translate ideas into reality.

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Seventh Chakra

This chakra symbolizes perfect harmony and complete integration of body, emotion, mind, and spirit. The seventh chakra creates truth and happiness in their purest essence. Here, a sense of the individual self disappears. Awareness is from a place of truth, and everything is in holistic unity, without the illusion of separation. This allows you to fully experience the harmonious order of the cosmos. An individual with an inactive seventh chakra will not be able to experience spiritual existence , nor to understand the realm of the soul and the universe.

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