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Healing Oasis of West Ashley &

Sunset Beach Spa & Breath Room

772 St. Andrews Blvd.        Charleston, SC 29407      843.743.5222

Emerald Forest Energy Chamber

The human being, like a flower or a tree, is based upon the pyramid design, 

"It's The Nature of GOD"


In The Emerald Forest Energy Chamber

  • Soul Therapy in the PYRAMID builds new, higher capacity circuitry in a individuals brain that allows us to fully activate our divine nature, or Creator-ship!
  • Energy blocks are released from all layers and levels of the body and energy field
  • Deep relaxation occurs
  • Auric field and chakras are balanced
  • Mental, emotional and spiritual fields are cleared and charged with healing light particles

   Awakening to our Soulful Self is the very purpose of human life; to shift from living a protective personality life to our true nature. The energy is the all knowing consciousness of SOURCE.

     This is what we are here for, to discover our Soulful, energetic nature and live as that true nature here in physical form. We are here to awaken our divinity inside of our humanity. To experience Heaven while on Earth.

     In order to do that we must change the reactive patterns of our nervous system and build new, higher capacity circuitry that allows us to fully activate our divine nature, or Creator-ship!

       "Just like in a great temple, the divine pyramid slowly brings out the geometric proportion and increases your Soulful receptivity, and with it the realization that God exists....."

Buddha Maitreya

Single Soul Therapy Session

Approximately 45 minutes  

to an hour in the 

Emerald Energy Chamber. 

$33. regular rate

$20 members

First Timers Try It For $10

 On Mondays

Appointment required ,  CASH PREFERRED