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Healing Oasis of West Ashley &

Sunset Beach Spa & Breath Room

772 St. Andrews Blvd.        Charleston, SC 29407      843.743.5222

Two New Programs That Offer "INSIGHTS" Into You 

 You are the writer, director and actor of your journey.

Insightful Conversations 

With Jackie

Did you ever want to tell your story; to chat with someone in a safe and supportive space,  to share parts of your journey without judgment  Join Jackie for a cup of tea & conversation.

Jackie's background is in creative healing arts, and she is dedicated to providing a peaceful container so that you can work with the threads of your life.  Assisting you in bringing in a greater sense  of harmony and purpose, through listening and insightful observations.

Jackie has published two books, Persephone Rising and Mermaid Crossing. Both books focus upon our personal journey of transformation. She is committed to supporting others in their journey.

Sessions Are Usually 45-60 minutes. 

Introductory Price: (runs through January)

$49 (regular $59)

To schedule an appointment with Jackie 

contact her at  843-469-3049

Eyes "Window To Your Health"

Iridology is the study of the iris, one of the most intricate and captivating tissue structures within the human body. Just like markings on a map, the iris can reveal one’s current health state along with strengths and potential challenges of certain organ systems, and even personality traits. The iris has an infinite range of structural possibilities and an amazing assortment of colors that can identify each person’s individuality. In fact, there are no two irises exactly alike – much like a fingerprint.


Imagine the eye as a screen on which the central and autonomic nervous systems project information about what is happening all over the body. The colors and patterns of your eyes are a reflection of your genetic inheritance from the past three generations behind you. Whether you develop your dispositions to the best or worst case scenario depends on the way you eat, drink, think, live and love.​

Are You Curious As To The Messages In Your Eyes?

Call or text Kristen at 720-375-0880 to book

 Introductory Price

45 minute iridology readings

$49 regular 59.

The iridology reading are performed by Dr. Kristen Cain. Kristen's background includes: Optometry, yoga teacher (children and adults), Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing, angel readings, vision therapy, and children's mind/body wellness.