Hands On Feet Massage

Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology

At Healing Oasis, LLC


Release Stress, Relax Muscle Tissue, Detoxify At Healing Oasis

    One easy way to help stay stress free and improve your overall health condition is to make massage, whether full body or foot massage, a big part of your personal Wellness Plan.  The massage therapist at Healing Oasis,  is unique in that he is able to sense what the body needs and follows his intuition to offer you the best release possible. 


We offer several GREAT Add Ons to our Massage Program: Come experience for yourself the Far Infrared Sauna, The Ionic Detox Foot Bath  

Meet Your Massage Therapist, "RED FEATHER"

Meet David Lucas,  AKA RedFeather, AKA The Unicorn of Massage.  David  received  his  name "Red Feather"  from his spirit guides after an intense Vision Quest. You will see that he wears the symbol of the Red Feather on his cheek, as a port wine birth mark.  His spirit guides are called into  each session he provides, to help facilitate  your healing.  Dave received his badge of the "Unicorn of Massage" while in massage therapy school, because everyone noticed his unique intuitive touch and realized he is truly one of a kind.