Memberships That Offer Great Savings!  Several To Choose From! 

New Memberships that are sure to excite you!

Loyalty Massage Membership

(receive a massage once a week, shareable)


60 Minute Massage

(once a week)

  • $33 massage x 4
  • Plus $36 gratuity  
  • Total $168 monthly deduction

90 Minute Massage

(once a week)

  • $45 massage x 4
  • Plus $46. gratuity 
  • Total $226 monthly deduction

  • Preferred Scheduling,  same day same time each week if preferred
  • Reserved parking by building
  • Monthly draft from banking, includes 12% gratuity
  • No contract or extra fees, monthly until you cancel
  • Never loose the credits, carries over if you miss a session.
  • Shareable by husband and wife, mother and daughter, friends (must be booked in same name always)

Tachyon Energy Chamber Memberships

One Session A Week Plus Salt

45 Minutes Soul Therapy

Plus Salt 

  • Total  $149, drafted monthly
  • Preferred Scheduling, same day, same time each week if preferred
  • Includes Salt Room afterwards if needed to ground
  • Credits carry over if you miss a session.

45 Minutes Soul Therapy Plus Sauna and Salt Room

  • Total $189, drafted monthly
  • Preferred Scheduling

  • Includes One Far Infrared Sauna Weekly
  • Includes Salt Session After Chamber
  • Credits carry over if you miss a session.

A prepaid package of 10 sessions for $333. 

is also available 

 Affordable Detox Membership Program

(combination sauna and salt room)

Weekly usage of the far infrared sauna, and the halo-therapy (breathable salt) room.

    Automatic deduction, no contract, cancel at any time.

Fall & Winter Reduced Price of $49 month

Special pricing runs Oct 1 - March 31, 2020, special applies to current and new members.

Provides single person usage of sauna and salt room. 

(no more than 2 saunas per week, plus one free guest per month for the "GET SALTY" experience)

Learn More  About

"Get Salty" Membership

  • Unlimited usage of salt room,  for only $39 monthly (one person usage)
  • Bring one guest per month FREE
  • Great  for anyone needing  to decompress  
  • The calming and detoxifying effects  support the immune, nervous and lymphatic systems.
  • Reduces stress and headaches, increases energy
  • Offers better sleep patterns 
  • Improves overall wellness.

The salt room is open 7 days a week with many session options to choose from.