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Sunset Beach Breath Room

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Ultimate Body Wrap

Hydrate, Stimulate, & Rejuvenate 

Ultimate Body Wrap

90 Minutes  Session       $149.

Introductory Special   $125. Until March 31, 2020


Ultimate Body Wrap

Our signature massage  and essential oil treatment, performed by Intuitive Healer Beverly Lucas, LMT, CST, helps release and stimulate the central nervous system;  stimulates the  flow of cerebrospinal and lymphatic fluids.  The intention is to release energies trapped in your systems that are creating dis-ease.

You will be in total zen, relaxing on a memory foam massage table,  while the far infrared heat of a bio mat penetrates your body.   A special formulated blend of arnica, ginger, lemongrass, pepper, coconut oil and vitamin E is liberally applied to the body, with special attention to the spinal cord, sacrum, neck and base of cranium, as well as the abdominal region.

 A layer of BPA free plastic wrap is applied, and you are wrapped in a soft linen to hold the oils and heat in.  Once the oils have penetrated the body, releasing massage techniques are used to enhance the healing. 

This therapy is a must for anyone with fibromyalgia, spinal disfunction, lymphatic drainage issues, migraines, and so much more.