Healing Oasis of West Ashley

772 St. Andrews Blvd. 

Charleston, SC 29407

Star Gate Charleston Energy Chamber



A Must To Experience and A Must To Repeat !!!!!!

The Stargate Chamber of West Ashley houses a 7 foot meditation pyramid built to a precise 51 degree angle, 50 minutes and 90 seconds, the sacred geometry found in the Great Pyramid; the pyramid is made of noble metals and its power is charged with special man-made tachyonized crystals. These man made crystals, are grown in  a lab using silica, they have worm-hole advanced technology inside the crystals to  act as conduits for the tachyon energy particles to enter from outer space.  A combination of sacred geometry, and noble metals concentrate the tachyon particles into a healing modality for biologic tissue.  More information at www.tachyonchambercharleston.com